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You have worked very hard to build a brand. It equally important is to protect your brand's identity through the trademark registration that offers you exclusive ownership rights.

Whether it's your logo or slogan, shape or packaging of goods, the colour mix or graphic, sound or smell, whatever makes your brand stand out as exceptional, needs to be protected.

Trademark Act, 1999 allows you to get exclusive ownership rights, restricting others from using your property or assets through trademark registration online.

It is most expected that the companies choose to protect their unique name, logo or idea alone, but trademark registration is applicable for a business's intangible asset or intellectual property. Allow Compliance Salahkar to guide and help you with this critical step to protect your business's distinct identities with Trademark Registration Online in India.

Trademark Registration

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    In India, trademark applications are registered under the Trademark Act, 1999, which permits your enterprise the right to sue against the company or individual that attempts to copy and use the trademark name, logo, or other brand identities you have already registered. This acts as the investment you made to make your business stand out from the rest. Our experts at Compliance Salahkar will assist in obtaining this protective cover conveniently for your company’s distinctness. We will perform a thorough inquiry of the TM directory and prepare the consent letter, allowing us to file for trademark registration on your behalf.

    You are required to present the documents to us that includes PAN Card details, Passport, Aadhar Card, trademark owners ID proof, logo as available and applicable, incorporation Certificate or Registration Certificate and the proof of address.

    The documents needed in the trademark registration process are signed Form-48, identification proof of the signatory, address proof of the signatory, business proof (depends on the type of business) and UdyogAadhar/MSME registration certificate (optional).

    All the guidance you need in completing the trademark registration process, the classes you need to apply under, the other questions you have in mind and every information from filling and application to the Registrar are done under the professional assistance of the team Compliance Salahkar.

    Even following up and giving you timely updates about the registration process until it’s complete is looked after, allowing you to focus on your business’s other essential matters.
    Receiving a trademark ™ will take around three days, indicating the name logo or other property is in the trademark registration process. But then, acquiring an ®, showing a registered trademark, takes longer, about two years.

    The registration is valid for about ten years from the date of registration and, when nearing its expiry date, can be re-registered or renewed for a similar period of ten years.
    Everything that distinguishes your company or business from the crowd or a comparable business can be registered as per the trademark rules of India. All entities like Private firms, companies, individuals, LLP’s, or NGO’s get their brand trademark registered.

    Benefits of Trademark Registration

    • It builds trust, acts as a stamp of quality, reliability, and goodwill in the customer’s mind, establishes uniqueness for your brand.
    • It creates your unique identity, allowing your customers to search for your brand easily among the other sellers, mainly when trading online on popular platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, and more.

    • Your registered trademark is your property that carries legal protection that no one can use or copy. It allows you to file a legal case against any misuse of your registered identity.
    • It sets a brand name that becomes your valuable asset that can be contracted, traded, and franchised commercially.

    With Trademark registration, you give yourself and your business the benefit of exclusive ownership rights, restricting all others from its usage. The process can be done online, but Trademark registration in India runs through multiple innovative changes.

    Experts at Compliance Salahkar have vast experience managing and completing several trademark applications successfully each year. 

    We are available to support you in registering your trademark and protecting the distinct identity of your brand name, logo and other assets with our expert online services for online TM registration anywhere in India.

    Get hassle-free trademark registration, register for our services online today!

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